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ISSEME election results February 2022

In early February 2022, ISSEME held its board elections. The main results are as follows:

The revised constitution (now available here) was accepted with an overwhelming majority (96%).

As a consequence, our ex officio board members, Stephen Harris (Old English Newsletter) and Rory Naismith (Anglo-Saxon England), will be stepping down and we will accept 6 new board members. On behalf of the full ISSEME board, we would like to take this opportunity to thank both Steve and Rory for their work: they have been a tremendous help and we are grateful for their contribution. While this marks the end of a certain kind of formal relationship, this is not a divorce: it is in ISSEME’s best interests to have good relationships with journals in our field, and there is no reason for that to end.

The six newly elected board members are (in alphabetical order): James Estes, Alison Gulley, Janice Hawes, Sam Leggett, Eleni Ponirakis and Howard Williams.

Congratulations to them all!

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