Climate committee

The Climate Committee is working to improve the professional lives of ISSEME’s members and our colleagues in the field. We regularly get in touch with the membership to get feedback from them on what ISSEME is doing for them and what would be most useful in the future, but you can also contact us at any time at isseme.climate @ gmail. com.

Current members:

  • Janice Hawes
  • Judith Kaup
  • Sam Leggett
  • Eleni Ponirakis
  • Chelsea Shields-Más
  • Emily Thornbury

Want to meet with us? We are present at Leeds, Kalamazoo and ISSEME conferences where we organize informal social events to give new and old members an opportunity to meet in a friendly context.

The climate committee is also responsible for ISSEME’s mentoring program (every year, during the conference season).

Information on ISSEME mentoring program 2022

Although this is a by-year for ISSEME’s own conference, we’d still like to take advantage of the summer conference season to connect ISSEME members through our mentorship program! You can sign up as a mentor, mentee, or both through this link.

  • There are two format options: in-person at Leeds, or virtual anytime.
  • If you volunteered as a mentor last year and indicated you’d like to continue: THANK YOU! If you’ll be at Leeds this year, please do fill out the form just to indicate that.
  • If not, we will reach out to you before pairing you with a virtual mentee this year.
    Please respond by Monday June 27 for a Leeds pairing! We’ll be making virtual connections on a rolling basis, but June 27 is a good target to aim for…