At the biennial conference of ISSEME, the following publication prizes are awarded:

  • Best Article (paper or electronic), of at least 4000 words, in a journal or edited volume, on any subfield or subject pertaining to early medieval England. ($ 100)
  • Best Article by an Early-Career Researcher: same criteria, but published by a Doctoral student or an early career researcher who has received their terminal advanced degree (PhD or equivalent) within five years (specify the date in your submission). ($ 100)
  • Best Book – single or co-authored by any scholar(s) in any subfield(s) of the discipline. ($ 100)
  • Best First Monograph on any subject in any subfield of the discipline. ($ 100)
  • Best Research Aid, Edition or Translation (in any medium) – nominations may include editions or translations of one or more Old English or Anglo-Latin texts into any language as well as catalogues, bibliographies, encyclopedias, databases or dictionaries. ($ 100)
  • Best Teaching Aid or Public Outreach (in any medium) – nominations may include textbooks, handbooks or online resources for teaching as well as projects presenting our fields of study to a general audience. ($ 100)

An overview of the 2021 award winners is available here: ISSEME Publication Awards 2021

An overview of past award winners is available here: Overview of award winners


  • The deadline for submissions for the 2023 prizes will be made available here in due course. Late submissions cannot be accepted.
  • The submissions for the 2023 competition must have been published in calendar year 2020 or 2021 (i.e. January 2020-December 2021).
  • Nominated authors need to be members in good standing of ISSEME at that date for their submissions to be considered.
  • It is possible to self-nominate.
  • Members may submit publications in any language for consideration.
  • The publications may belong to any of the disciplines relevant to the study of early medieval England (history, archaeology, historiography, diplomatics, literary studies, linguistics, philology, numismatics, epigraphy, paleography, codicology, musicology, etc.).
  • Nominations, accompanied by a copy of the publication and a statement of the category of submission, must be submitted on or before the deadline to Elise Louviot. Digital submissions to are generally preferred; if you wish to submit your book by post, get in touch via email beforehand.