Virtual Seminars

The International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England is pleased to announce a series of Virtual Seminars, which will consist of a 30-minute lecture, a Q & A session, announcements and an opportunity to socialize digitally. The lectures will be made freely available on our YouTube channel; live attendance, the Q&A and social events are available for ISSEME-members only.

The aim of the seminar series is to give ISSEME members an occasion to meet virtually on a regular basis, and to showcase various disciplines within our field. We hope that these virtual seminars can help bring us closer and stimulate a spirit of collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and dialogue between a variety of scholars

ISSEME members who have an announcement they would like to make during the Virtual Seminars should get in touch with Thijs Porck (

The ISSEME Virtual Seminars are organised by Judith Kaup, Elise Louviot and Thijs Porck.

Please find our schedule below and register, using the appropriate registration links, we will then send you the Zoom link one day in advance of the seminar. Make sure to convert the time shown here according to your own time zone.

2023 Autumn series (October-December 2023)

2024 Spring series (March-May 2024)

Archive of ISSEME Virtual Seminars

2022 Autumn series (September-December 2022)

– Friday 30 September 2022: Chris Fern (Cotswold Archaeology): An Introduction to the Staffordshire Hoard: A Treasure of 7th-century England’. Recording on YouTube.

– Friday 28 October 2022: Yuta Uchikawa (Rikkyo University): “Core and Periphery in Anglo-Saxon England: The Mercian Assemblies in the Kingdom of the Anglo-Saxons and the Formation of the English Kingdom”. Recording on YouTube.

– Friday 2 December 2022: Gabriele Knappe (Otto-Friedrich-Universitaet Bamberg): “Bridging cultures by teaching linguistic medievalism”. This seminar was co-organised with TOEBI (Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland). Recording on YouTube.

2023 Spring series (March-June 2023)

– Friday 31 March 2023: Claudia Di Sciacca (University of Udine): “efne her is cumen an draca þe me sceal forswelgan: Ælfric’s Take on Gregory the Great’s Swallowing Dragons”.  This seminar is co-organised with SOEALLC (Sources of Old English and Anglo-Latin Literary Culture). Recording on YouTube.

– Thursday 27 April 2023: Anna Cichosz & Sylwia Karasińska (University of Lodz): “Agentive Prepositions in Old and Middle English: Did by Win by Chance?”. Recording on YouTube.

– Friday 9 June 2023: Irina Dumitrescu (University of Bonn): “Rereading Beowulf and Gawain as a Writer: Reflections on Creative Practice as Research Method”. Recording on YouTube.