Climate committee

A warm welcome from ISSEME’s Climate Committee!

Established in 2020, we are here to deal with all issues pertaining to creating and sustaining an inclusive, positive, and respectful atmosphere within the society. We aim to strengthen the sense of community within ISSEME, to foster fruitful exchange and establish scholarly networks. Measures include meet-and-greet events at the IMC Leeds and Kalamazoo as well as continuing the New Voices sessions at these venues. We run a mentoring scheme to connect ECRs and more experienced scholars and are currently considering further options for networking such as peer-mentoring opportunities. Regular surveys of the membership help us to find out what you would like us to do.

Do you have ideas for measures contributing to ISSEME’s climate? Join us to realise your initiatives or get in touch to share your suggestions – we’d love to hear from you.

Do you have issues to report? Get in touch!

We strive to ensure respectful, non-discriminatory communication both online and on-site at all official ISSEME events and through all official communication channels. If you witness or experience any instances of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or bias in the context of ISSEME events or within postings, chats and all other communication run over ISSEME’s official platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

During ISSEME conferences we are also present in person and check e-mail communication 24/7.

All communication with us remains strictly confidential unless you give us expressed permission to reveal information to other members of the society. We will always put your best interest and individual wishes regarding any measures first – we want every member to feel safe, valued and taken seriously.

All best wishes,

Your Climate Committee

Current members:

  • Janice Hawes
  • Judith Kaup
  • Sam Leggett
  • Eleni Ponirakis
  • Chelsea Shields-Más
  • Emily Thornbury