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ISSEME welcomes donations to aid its work in supporting the study of history, art, archaeology, literature, languages, religion, society, and numismatics of England between the years c. 450 and 1100 CE. Your donation will help to support conferences and publications, and the strength and vitality of the field:  ISSEME’s work currently includes mounting our biennial conference, running graduate workshops, awarding publication prizes, sponsoring “New Voices” sessions at the Kalamazoo and Leeds medieval conferences for early-career scholars, and maintaining the on-line membership directory as a central basis of communication for members. ISSEME also works to support affiliated organizations such as the Old English Newsletter, the scholarly journal Anglo-Saxon England, and the Lynn Grundy Memorial Trust.

Your donation helps us to …

… bring together scholars interested in the languages, literatures, arts, history and material culture of early medieval England and facilitates an exchange of ideas and materials within and among the disciplines .

… support graduate students and early career scholars through several schemes (mentoring, “New Voices” sessions at Leeds & Kalamazoo, workshops at our own conferences…)

… support charities related to our field (such as the Dictionary of Old English).