ISAS Conference, 1983

Palace of the Academies, Brussels

The first ISAS meeting took place in Brussels from 22 to 23 August 1983. The program features seven major papers and eighteen shorter papers organized into five sections (A. Bammesberger, A. Renoir, K. S. Kiernan, A. R. Rumble, H. Gneuss, X. Dekeyser, A. Lutz, A. Fischer, M. McC. Gatch, H. Loyn, B. Yorke, G. Clark, D. A. E. Pelteret, M. Budny and D. Tweedle, M.-C. Bodden, E. Okasha, V. Law, P. B. Taylor,  F. C. Robinson, A. Meaney, K. Grinda, T. Cable, S. Rankin, E. B. Irving, P. Clemoes). The meeting was held at the Palace of Academies in Brussels and at the University Club, ïHet PandÍ, Ghent. René Derolez, as President Pro-Tem, served as conference coordinator for the meeting. The British Consul hosted a cocktail party at the Palace of Academies, while the Faculty Club in Ghent provided the conference dinner.

The Constitution of ISAS was approved by the Assembly at the Brussels meeting (the Constitution was published in Anglo-Saxon England 13 [1984], 2-4). The text was drafted by Daniel Calder of the University of California at Los Angeles, who also served as the group’s first Executive Director, and who was elected to this post until 1989; René Derolez of the University of Ghent, who served as the first President of the new organization; Roberta Frank of the University of Toronto, who was elected to serve as First Vice-President; and Stanley B. Greenfield of the University of Oregon, who was elected as the group’s Second Vice-President.

At the same meeting, Peter Clemoes was elected to succeed René Derolez as the Society’s new President from 1 January 1984 to 31 December 1985. At the meeting the membership approved also the names of the officers and the Advisory Board. The officers and advisors began their duties on 1 January 1984.