ISAS Conference, 1987

University of Toronto, Canada

About one half of the members of ISAS attended the third meeting of the Society at the University of Toronto from 20 to 23 April 1987. There were twenty-four papers and presentations, many of which pertained to the general theme of the conference, word studies and lexicography (A Bammesberger, R. H. Bremmer, Jr., J. Hill, E. G. Stanley, R. I. Page, R. Cramp, J. A. Graham-Campbell, R. D. Stevick, M. A. D’Aronco, N. Porter, R. Derolez, M. Rissanen, J. Roberts, V. Strite, M. Lapidge, C. Fell, G. H. Brown, B. Green, M. J. Toswell, D. N. Dumville, R. Poole, C. Berkhout, T. F. Hoad, F. C. Robinson). In recognition of their distinguished service to the Society, D. Calder and S. B. Greenfield were presented in absentia with the St George Award.

Exhibitions included a display in the Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library of medieval manuscripts and early printed books from private and institutional collections in Toronto, an exhibition entitled ‘Canada Collects the Middle Ages’ at the George R. Gardiner Museum, and, in the Rotunda, University College, a collection of documents illustrating the history of Anglo-Saxon studies.

The Dictionary of Old English sponsored on ‘Open House’, which gave conferees an opportunity to visit the premier research project in Old English language study. Receptions were hosted by the University of Toronto Press, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and the Premier of Ontario. A dinner was held in the Great Hall, Hart House, at which  the speaker was Milton McC. Gatch, on ‘The Blickling Homilies: Post-Prandial Divagations’. A special performance at ISAS 1987 was ‘A Flaunting of Falcons’, at which four birds demonstrated their hunting and retrieving skills indoors.

Rosemary Cramp became the new President, succeeding Roberta Frank; Paul Szarmach was elected First Vice-President, Patrizia Lendinara became the new Second Vice-President, and Mary Richards was named Executive Director of the Society.