ISAS Conference, 1989

University of Durham, England

The members of ISAS met in 1989 at the University of Durham. President Rosemary Cramp and her committee scheduled thirty-five papers, many of which pertained to the general theme of the conference, ‘Cultural Interaction in Anglo-Saxon England’ (M. Carver, C. Hills, H. Hamerow, K. L. Vaneman, G. Fellows-Jensen, P. R. Kitson, M. L. Cameron, R. D. Fulk, D. Moffat, J. S. McKinnell, P. W. Conner, M. R. Godden, J. D. Pheifer, T. A. Shippey, A. Smol, C. R. Davis, J. Hines, P. Wormald, T. W. Mackay, P. E. Szarmach, H. Tristram, S. L. Keefer and D. Burrows, K. O’Brien O’Keeffe, I. Henderson, R. McKitterick, G. R. Wieland, G. Beech, R. Gem, R. Gameson, M. Clunies Ross, J. L. Singman, S. N. Tranter, R. Hasenfratz, R. E. Deshman).

This was the first ISAS meeting to feature several presentations in which computers were used to analyze or present data pertinent to Anglo-Saxon studies. Excursions were organized to Monkwearmouth, Jarrow, Hexham, Escomb, Ripon, and Fountains Abbey on Wednesday. On Saturday, an excursion was planned to Lindisfarne, calling at either Jarrow or Chester-Le-Street en route, viewing Bamburgh, returning via Yeavering and Rothbury.

Receptions during the conference were hosted by Durham University and by the Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral. A dinner was held in the Great Hall, University College, at which the speaker was R.N. Bailey.

There were book displays and a special exhibition in Durham University Library on ‘Landmarks in Learning about the Anglo-Saxons’, organized by A.I. Doyle. In the Cathedral Treasury, Durham Cathedral, there was an exhibition on ‘The Anglo-Saxons: Anglo-Saxon Connections’; the Museum of Archaeology featured ‘The Anglo-Saxons: an Anglo-Saxon Land’.

Paul Szarmach succeeded to the Presidency, and Malcolm Godden was elected First Vice-President.