ISAS Conference, 1995

Stanford University, U.S.A.

The seventh ISAS meeting convened at Stanford University from 6 to 12 August 1995. Organized around the conference theme ‘Old and New Ways in the Study of Anglo-Saxon Culture’, the schedule of the meeting featured thirty-five papers (S. Irvine, I. B. Milfull, P. P. O’Neill, G. Clark, C. Jacobs, A. Orchard, C. E. Karkov, B. C. Withers, R. Barnhouse, M. Blockley, P. Lozowski, J. R. Schwyter, J. Graham-Campbell, L. Webster, E. Tyler, A. J. Frantzen, A. Cox, J. W. Earl, J. Hill, H. Magennis, R. Marsden, G. Wieland, T. W. Mackay, M. P. Brown, P. Acker, C. Hough, B. Yorke, U. Schaefer, C. Ehler, M. Drout, W. Goffart, T. A. Bredehoft, M. Clunies Ross, C. Neuman de Vegvar, C. Farr). Three sessions of reports were given by T. Leinbaugh, J. H. Brinegar, D. E. Best, J. R. Black, D. Scragg, E. Coatsworth and G. Owen-Crocker, R. Cramp, A. Bravo, M. J. Mora; and four sessions of media presentations were given by K. Kiernan, K. Powell and D. Coombs, A. Prescott, M. Irvine and D. Evehart, C. Branham, R. Altman, P. Pulsiano and W. Schipper.

An after-dinner address was given by F. C. Robinson, ‘Recalling Herbert Dean Meritt, the Man and the Scholar’.

The conference included two day-long excursions, the first to the Napa Valley wine region; the second to Monterey, Carmel, and San Juan Bautista. The Executive Committee of the group granted £1000 sterling to the Bede Foundation to help develop ‘Bede’s World’, and it also subvened Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile with a grant of $500.00.

Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe was elected First Vice-President. Patrizia Lendinara succeeded to the Presidency. By 1995, membership had exceeded 600 persons, and we began the option of offering lifetime memberships (at $200.00) in order to build an endowment for the Society which would generate an income sufficient to support the  operating expenses.