ISAS Conference, 1999

University of Notre Dame, U.S.A.

The ninth ISAS meeting took place at the University of Notre Dame, from 8 to 14 August 1999. The theme of the conference was ‘Imagined Endings: Borders, Reigns, Millennia’, and 40 papers were presented (A. Lutz, E. Treharne, T. A. Bredehoft, C. Karkov, C. Jones, P. Lendinara, A. Orchard, S. Rowley, N. Thompson, K. Jolly, J. Hines, A. Scharer, A. P. Scheil, A. J. Kabir, J. D. Niles, K. H. Scholz, C. Neuman de Vegvar, H. Estes, A. L. Meaney, T. Kalmar, S. Keynes, T. Klein, C. LeCluyse, S. Ai-Low, M. Lapidge, G. Whatley, J. Damon, H. Magennis, G. Owen-Crocker, E. Coatsworth, J. Hawkes, D. Donoghue, N. Discenza, M. Salvador, S. L. Keefer, S. Gwara, J. T. Lionarons, A. Sheppard, J. Hill, J. E. Story).  Electronic media demonstrations were given by A. Orchard, L. Teresi, J. Gray, M. Drout.

The conference included an excusion to Chicago, with lunch and an exhibition at the Newberry Library.

Matti Kilpiö succeeded to the presidency, replacing Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe. Robert Bjork assumed the position of First Vice-President. Lesley Abrams, Mechthild Gretsch, Nicholas Howe, Catherine Karkov, Simon Keynes, and John Niles were elected as new members of the Advisory Board, replacing Peter Baker, Kevin Kiernan, Michiko Ogura, Andy Orchard, David Pelteret, and Ursula Schaefer.