ISAS Conference, 2001

University of Helsinki, Finland

The tenth ISAS meeting took place at the University of Helsinki, from 6 to 11 August 2001. The theme of the conference was ‘Anglo-Saxons and the North’. 39 papers were given (Carole Hough, Mary P. Richards, Margaret Clunies Ross, Peter J. Lucas, Barbara Yorke, Robert E. Bjork, Patricia Poussa, Janne Skaffari, Kathrin Thier, Richard Marsden, Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe, Christine Rauer, Lesley Abrams, Debby Banham, Nicholas Howe, Seppo Heikkinen, George H. Brown, Christopher Abram, Matthew Townend, Patrick W. Conner, Michael D. C. Drout, Jonathan Roper, Geoffrey Russom, Páivi Kilpinen, Lucia Kornexl, Michiko Ogura, Frank Battaglia, Lilla Kopàr, Richard North, Mary Clayton, Paul E. Szarmach, Pauline A. Thompson, Allen J. Frantzen, Stacy S. Klein, Dora Faraci, Roy M. Liuzza, Karl Reichl, Susan Irvine, Malcolm Godden) and three poster-presentations (Anne L. Klinck, Kristin Lynn Cole and Aideen O’Leary).  Three special lectures were delivered (Joseph Harris, Roberta Frank and Martin Carver). Five project reports were presented (Antonette diPaolo Healey Rohini Jayatilaka, Martin K. Foys, Simon Keynes, David Pelteret and Francesca Tinti, Matti Rissanen). One interdisciplinary panel session was held (Catherine Karkov, Karen Jolly, Sarah Larratt Keefer).

The conference included receptions hosted by the University and the City of Helsinki, which was held in the City Hall, and a conference dinner in the crypt of the Cathedral. and there was an exhibition of Anglo-Saxon Coins in the National Museum of Finland. The excursion was to Hámeenlina Castle, the Church of the Holy Cross at Hattula and the Riihimáki Glass Museum.

The conference was followed by a one-day symposium on August 13 at St Petersburg State University, hosted by the Department of English Philology and Translation, where eight papers were delivered (Igor K. Arkhipov, Marina Ye. Tsvinariya, Yuri A. Kleiner, Gleb S. Lebedev, Andrei M. Tyun, Elena V. Mukha, Irina B. Rubert, Svetlana V. Visharenko).

The symposium marked the formal opening of the ‘Ex Lux Insula’ exhibition of manuscripts in the National Library of Russia (jointly arranged and exhibited with Helsinki). On August 12 there participants had the option of either a city tour of St Petersburg and a visit to The Hermitage Museum, or an excursion to Novgorod, followed by a dinner in one of the eighteenth-century aristocratic residences in the centre of St Petersburg.

In accordance with the Society’s constitution, Matti Kilpiö completed his term as President on 31 December 2001. Robert Bjork assumed the post of President on that date. Hans Sauer assumed the post of First Vice-President. Joyce Hill completed her term of office as Second Vice-President on 31 December 2001 and was succeeded by Elaine Treharne.

The term of office expired on 31 December 2001 for the following Board members: Katalin Halacsy Scholz, Hugh Magennis, and Elaine Treharne. The following were appointed as members of the Advisory Board from 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2005: Leena Kahlas-Tarkka, Roy Liuzza, Éamonn Ó Carragáin. David Johnson was elected to the position of Executive Director.