ISAS Conference, 2005

University of Munich, Germany

The twelfth ISAS meeting took place in Munich, Germany, from 1 to 6 August, 2005, and was hosted by Hans Sauer and the Department of English and American Studies of the University of Munich. The conference theme, ‘England and the Continent’, focussed on the historical, religious, archaeological, literary and linguistic relations between England and continental Europe. The conference included 26 sessions with a total of 61 papers (Hafed Walda, Alex Burghart, Andrew Wareham, Paul Szarmach, Andy Orchard, Helene Scheck, Lucia Sinisi, John Niles, Christine Baatz, Murray McGillivray, Elaine Treharne, Mary Swan, Orietta Da Rold, Don Scragg, Kathryn Powell, Alger N. Doane, Joyce Hill, James Palmer, Angelika Lutz, Alger Doane, Barbara Yorke, Rosalind Love, Rodney Aist, Elizabeth Tyler, Robert Getz, Nicholas Brooks, Alexander Rumble, John Hines, Malcolm Godden, Susan Irvine, Antonette diPaolo Healey, Richard Marsden, Eva-Maria Butz, David Pelteret, Inge Milfull, Carole Biggam, Matti Kilpiö, Winfried Rudolf, Janna Riedinger, Catherine Clarke, Gernot Wieland, Susanne Gärtner, Sharon Rowley, Ronald Buckalew, Catherine Cubitt, Angelika Schröcker, Dominik Kuhn, Debby Banham, Leslie Lockett, Michael Hare, Robert Schichler, Matthew Hussey, Scott DeGregorio, Michael Fox, Mary Blockley, Karen Jolly, Dorothy Haines, Catherine Karkov, Martin Foys, Daniel O’Donnell, Bernard Muir, James Roberts, Katherine O’Brien O’Keefe, Wendy Hoofnagle, Patrick O’Neill, Thomas Bredehoft). 158 Anglo-Saxonists participated. Plenary lectures were given by Helmut Gneuss, Joyce Hill and John Hines.

Thanks to the generosity of the Bavarian-American Centre (Bayerisch-Amerikanisches Zentrum) the conference took place in the centrally situated Amerika Haus. The Bavarian State Library organized a special manuscript Exhibition, ‘Anglo-Saxon Heritage in Munich’, as well as the reception and a lecture for the ISAS conference participants.

The conference ‘warming’ took place in the Augustiner Brewery, a traditional Bavarian restaurant in the city centre. The conference dinner was held in an old Munich wine restaurant, the Vinorant. The conference concluded with the general meeting of ISAS and the awarding of the ISAS publication prizes, followed by a tour of the city of Munich.

Before the conference there was a two-day excursion, ‘King Ludwig’s Dream Castles and the Celestial Churches’, including Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, two romantic castles of the 19th century near the Alps, as well as the Wies church and the Benedictine Abbey of Ettal, both built in the baroque style. The mid-week excursion was to Regensburg (a Roman foundation and a city with a rich medieval history and many medieval buildings), and the final three-day excursion, ‘Following the Missionaries’, took the participants to the Anglo-Saxon centres: Eichstätt, Würzburg, and Rothenburg.

17 papers from the conference were selected for publication in Anglo-Saxon England and the Continent, Medieval and Renaissance Text and Studies 394, Tempe, Arizona, ACMRS: 2011, edited by Hans Sauer and Joanna Story with the assistance of Gaby Waxenberger.

Jane Roberts assumed the post of President, replacing Hans Sauer. Bill Schipper assumed the post of First Vice President. Mary Swan was elected Second President, succeeding Elaine Treharne. St. John’s, Newfoundland, was chosen as the venue for ISAS 2009.