Board elections

On 29 January, 2020, eight members were elected to the advisory board.

We are pleased to announce the election of eight new members to the Advisory Board: Judith Kaup; Lilla Kopár; Elise Louviot; Aman Nadhiri; Thijs Porck; Chelsea Shields-Más; Emily Thornbury; and Hirokazu Tsurushima.

Current board

Effective 29 January 2020, the officers of ISSEME are:

  • President: [vacant]
  • First Vice-President: [vacant]
  • Second Vice-President: Rebecca Stephenson (University College Dublin)
  • Executive Director: Kristen Carella (Assumption University, Worcester, MA)

The elected members of the Advisory Board are:

The ex officio members of the Advistory Board are: