ISSEME donates 2100 USD to Dictionary of Old English Project

Every year, the International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England donates a little over 2,000 USD to charities related to the disciplines in our field in order to upkeep its status as a nonprofit organization. For 2020, ISSEME has decided to donate the full annual amount to the Dictionary of Old English Project. The Dictionary of Old English defines the vocabulary of the first six centuries (C.E. 600-1150) of the English language, using twenty-first century technology, and is one of the most important resources for anyone interested in language, history and culture in early medieval England. Despite having to work from afar, the Dictionary of Old English staff continue to make progress on the entries for L, and they have been making some improvements to the Dictionary of Old English Corpus as well. Find out more about how you can help this project here:

If you have ideas about how ISSEME can support other charities related to the study of early medieval England, do let us know and we will consider them for our annual donation next year!